Whitetail School
Tools included in the class are
"Yours to keep".
   We are offering a whitetail only course here at Mountin' Man Taxidermy.
 Most schools only offer a combined course including history,business management pricing,habitat, birds, fish, and small lifesize mammals. Here at Mountin' Man we decided that most people are not able to take 8-12 weeks out of their lives to learn taxidermy. 
 We offer a 24-28 hour course 3 days long showing you all of the steps and tricks to mounting your own whitetail deer shoulder mount.
 We will share all secrets and shortcuts that allow us to mount over 100 deer in less than 50 days each and every year; including the tips and tricks to producing quality and consistent mounts. We will teach you the simplest tanning methods you can do in your own shop to eliminate slow turn-around times and the reliance upon tanneries.
  In our course, you will extensively learn the necessary steps to producing a mount to last a lifetime. We cover the entire mounting process as a whole:
-Field Care -Measuring -Skinning -Fleshing -Salting -Pickling -Tanning -Form Prep -Eye Setting -Detailing.
 You will complete your own deer from beginning to end!! You only supply the antlers, everything else included!!
Will also help you out getting your business going.
How to build a customer base very quickly.
We use Mc Kenzie Forms and products.
You will also get a 20% discount for all your taxidermy panels from Walnut Hollow.
Deer manikin
Mckenzie/ Joe Meder eyes..
Mckenzie catalog.
Walnut Hollow Catalog.
T.A.S.C.O. catalog.
Composition notebook/ pen.
Skinning knife.
Nose knife.
Mixing knife.
Large fleshing knife.
Super glue and hide repair sheet.
Cape thread, repair thread.
3 surgical needles.
Upholstery pins
Ear wires.
Mesh carding.
Glue gun/sticks.
Stout rougher/ form sander.
Lip tucking tool.
Clothes pins.
Large capeing screwdriver.
Deer hanger/screws.
Antler screws.
12 inch ruler
Ear openers.                                      2 Whitetail buck capes included with class.
Whitetail Deer capesMckenzie poster.
 spray bottle.
Tool box.
Razor blades.
Notes on deer mounting
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