ONLY ONE class per year.
ONLY $2000 Total cost. 

Classes are 3 days long and only four students per class.
Class date for 2018 will be posted later.
Only one fish class per year. Dont wait to schedule!!! 
       We will show you how to earn $100 per hour mounting fish.
36 lb Chinook SalmonBrown Tout
Brown Trout
Brown Trout
Reproduction from class
WalleyeKing SalmonChinook Salmon 
 Having stared out in the early 80s.Our business grew fast due to our location and the fishing boom on Lake Ontario and Oak Orchard River.In the beginning it was a lot of trial and error.After almost 30 years and probably over 4000 fish mounts we almost got it right.
  In April 2013 we began teaching fish Taxidermy in-depth from start to finish.
You will learn warm water fish.Skin mounts with real heads.Cold water fish.Skin mounts with reproduction heads.As well as complete reproductions.
  In the class you will receive a complete kit with all the tools and materials to mount fish from start to finish.This is yours to keep and take home after the class.
We will also give you four fish, trout and or bass with forms and eyes to mount during the class. " Yours to keep also".
If you have a fish in the freezer you want to bring.This is alright also.
You will also get an airbrush, respiator  and supplies to finish your future mounts.
The supplies and tools you receive to take home are worth almost $1000.

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