$500 Deposit

$1000 balance due when you attend class.

Total cost ONLY $1500.

This includes the full shoulder deer mount you will take home valued at $500. Plus over $500 in tools and materials included with the class to take home...
Next classes will be. 
March 2nd-4th.
One spot left.
March 23rd-25th.
One spot left.
April  6th-8th.
Three spots left.
April 27th-29th.

Where else can you learn to mount a deer for ONLY $1500 ?
Its been 6 years since we started  teaching.

Along the way we have learned a lot ourselves and made some Great friends.

Over 100 students are now Taxidermist since attending our classes. Many have made careers as taxidermists already. Some are competing and winning awards.

Where to stay. 
Dollingers Inn and Suites. 
click link below.

Please call or text.
Thanks Bill (585) 269-9933

 Learn to mount a whitetail deer from start to finish in 3 days only 28 hours or less.
We will teach you everything to mount you own deer and open your own shop.
Class includes. The Buck you will mount during the class. $500 in tools materials and extra buck capes to take home. All you need to bring to class is a set of antlers.
ONLY $1500 Total

 You wont be disapointed with all that you will learn here. All our students are mounting on their own in no time and several have opened shops already. 
24-28 hour class ONLY $1500.

Let us teach you how to mount your own deer.
You can have it hanging on your wall only 3 weeks after harvesting it.
Earn extra income.
Be your own boss.
Set your own work hours.
Have more time to hunt.
Make it a full time business.

We offer:
24  - 28 hour class.
$500 in tools, materials, and taxidermy supplies .
2 buck capes worth over $200.
Your own deer mount to take home.
Mckenzie Taxidermy supply catalog and materials.
Walnut Hollow Taxidermy panel catalog.
T.A.S.C.O catalog.
Pre-printed notes of every step we show you while attending class.
20% discount on all Walnut Hollow products for Mountin' Man students.
Ongoing technical support after class.

Tools included with class.
Tools included with class.
While attending class.
You will also learn the basics of a deer farming operation.
Come and see our live deer up close. Bring your camera. Great photo reference opportunity. 

We will also teach a crash course on Hydro Dipping Skulls.

Do not wait classes fill up very fast!!!
Classes fill up very quickly.
Call or text now to save your place.
phone  Bill @ (585) 269-9933


Brett Pearsells
Brett Pearsells
First Deer Mount
Trey Linaburg from West Virginia
Trey Linaburg from West Virginia
First Deer Mount
Andrew Quick from Horesheads NY
Andrew Quick from Horesheads NY
First Deer mount
Haley Church
Haley Church
First Deer Mount
Sam Spinella
Sam Spinella
First Deer Mount

  January Class 2014
       Tracy form Ontario Canada Kat and Amber from Brooklyn NY
              We had a great time and these ladies produced some beautiful mounts.


Jerry Rightmyer Buck
Jerry Rightmyer Buck
Kansas Giant
Small game classes will be three days long.

Only 4 students per class.
Next class will be held in the summer of 2018. Dates will be set at a later date.

We will cover small game from start to finish. Demonstrations will include a red fox and a grey squirrel. You will complete a red fox from start to finish. " yours to take home". All the tools specimens and supplies are included in the cost.
We will also teach a crash course on Hydro Dipping Skulls.
Total cost ONLY $2000.
Email to.

Call or text us today for a information.(585) 269-9933
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